What can you choose today?

Hint: yourself is a good starting point!

Welcome again! Thanks for reading my weekly missives.

It’s been another busy week and there have been one or two aha moments.

I’ve recorded another two episodes of the podcast, both very interesting conversations. One guest is meditation and mindfulness expert, Melo, who has a fascinating story about his travels around the world on a mountain bike.

As you might have guessed, I’m driven by my to do list which can be great but also has its pitfalls. The more I have on my list, the more I try to get done. I never consider the possibility that I could juggle fewer things, my default thought process is to try to work out how I can do it all.

Melo talks about the difference between have to, need to and choose to, and it set me thinking about the choices we make. Sometimes it feels like we have no choices and, realistically, we don’t always. See how, I choose not to go to work today pans out! Some of the tasks on my to do list won’t magically do themselves. But I can choose to fit less into 24 hours. I can choose to take more breaks. I can choose to put something off until tomorrow.

Another conversation made me think, too, about my tendency to put myself last. I prioritise almost everything else before taking a moment to meditate, to walk in the garden, to have half an hour to myself. Any down time has historically been an opportunity to tick something else off my list. It’s definitely not living life at a gentler pace, as someone said to me this week. Oh, the irony!

I’ve been doing a lot of, when we move to Derbyshire it will be easier, I’ll have more time, I’ll be able to live at a gentler pace …

But will that be true?

I don’t think it’s ever by chance that we conjure up these projects. I’ve found that whatever I’ve been working on or sharing with others has been as much, if not more, about me as it is about them. There are always lessons for me. A Gentler Pace is no exception. It feels like some of those elements are coming home to roost this week!

Nathan was 16 on Wednesday when he came, with his Grandad, to have a woodturning day with Chris, as our guest. Nathan is a keen woodturner who calls Chris, his hero. Born with cerebral palsy, Nathan doesn’t let anything get in the way, is constantly cheerful and an inspiration. He turned a beautiful bowl and then airbrushed the outside with a leaf design. His Grandad cried because it exceeded his expectations of what Nathan might be able to achieve.

Since visiting, Nathan’s spent his birthday money on a new airbrush, compressor and colours to practice his skills. It really does go to show, you can do anything you put your mind to!

So, this week’s question can only be about one thing, how good are you at prioritising yourself, your own self-care, your own creativity? Have you found any practices that work for you. I’d love to know! Look out for the email with the link to join in the conversation. Have a great week!

Until next time, thank you for reading.