The quest for fresh doughnuts

Off to Blackpool for some sea air

Welcome back! Thank you for reading along with my random jottings! It’s great to be sharing my thoughts with you.

refilling the well

We’ve had several dog dangling kind of days* around here this week. Days where you just don’t get a lot done and life feels very slow and lethargic. The week has been punctuated with our house buyer’s survey (so we prepped and cleaned the house to within an inch of its life the day before). We’ve had a planning meeting for the Blind Woodturner outlining what we’re going to be doing over the coming months. We’ve not been idle but, equally, it doesn’t feel as though we’ve been mega productive.

We need a break really, a recharge of the batteries. I’m not very good at pressing pause. I think I’m the Duracell bunny, and can just keep going. But the well is dry and I’ve neglected refilling it.

I went into Manchester for the first time in months on Thursday. It was quite surreal to see buildings finished that had just been shells back in March. The Boddington’s chimney had gone. I was sorry about that especially as I understood that it was listed. The old pub on the corner near the Co-op offices had been flattened. And Great Ancoats Street and all around there was being dug up. I’m not sure if some of that area is being pedestrianised.

Generally places were quiet. Many shops were still closed.

I’d decided to go into town to check out new street art. It felt like bliss to be wandering down the old familiar places in search of paste ups and stickers, to check on my favourite grungy old building. I spotted several recent offerings from D7606.

Photography always restores me. It’s one of my favourite things and something I know I should prioritise more often. I love the whole process. Finding the often unseen. Taking the photographs, usually with the end in mind. Sitting with a coffee and looking through my shots. Then, later, editing to create the image I’d envisaged earlier.

I was also on another mission.

In December 2018 I got it into my head that I wanted a helix piercing. It felt a bit badass. Then, at the end of last year, I decided to have my daith pierced too (same ear). Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of having a rook piercing (the other ear). It was Chris who suggested I give the tattoo/piercing shop a call to see if they could fit me in while I was in town. So, at 3:30 I walked into Holier than Thou wearing a very hot face mask (one from the workshop as my Hello Kitty mask is still en route). An hour later, after some lengthy discussions about jewellery choices (it never seems straightforward for piercings), a bit of a wait (standing on an arrow on the floor), and a five minute procedure, it was done.

I now have 7 piercings, if you count the double piercings in my earlobes separately.

I think 7 is a good number! But never say never!

*Apparently, this is a Simpsons reference, so Chris tells me.

it’s never too late

I wrote about Captain Sir Tom Moore in last week’s blog.

I love to look at the bigger picture in life and the experiences we can have at any stage. We never know what is around the corner but, looking back, we can see the journey we have taken, and how those different moments were milestones along the way.

I imagine Captain Tom pinches himself on a daily basis as he contemplates what this year has brought for him.

update: living at a gentler pace

We’re both rather giddy at the prospect of life in Derbyshire. We talk about it every day, at some point. Last weekend we had a couple of house-related visits and managed to fit in a wander around Ashbourne, and a trip to Tagg Lane.

Ashbourne will be our nearest town. I’ve already earmarked places to photograph, coffee shops and places to buy stationery. Chris is thrilled by the cheese and sweet shops! I also have an idea for a Derbyshire-inspired project but that will have to wait until we get there. I’ll keep you posted.

Following a conversation with a friend on Voxer, my favourite tool for chatting, I’ve been thinking a lot about late blooming. I’m one of these people who still doesn’t know what I want to be when I grow up. But I know there are things I want to do. As my friend described it, I seem to be doing a lot of taking stock in preparation for what comes next. I suspect much will change when we move to Derbyshire. A lot may come to fruition.

In the meantime, I’m writing every day, I’m currently recording Series 3 of the Follow your Bliss podcast, due to start in September.

Series 2 of the podcast will be me talking about living life at a gentler pace, and what I’m learning along the way. I also recorded a podcast episode for the weekly words on my Patreon account.

Today, we’re off to Blackpool as I’ve had a yen for fresh doughnuts for weeks. And that sea air. Although I can’t wait to live in Derbyshire, I could just as easily adopt the coastal life. There’s something invigorating about being by the sea.

Thank you for joining in with last week’s discussion. Today I thought I would ask how you recharge your batteries or refill the well. Look out for the email with the link to join in the conversation.

Until next time, thank you for reading.


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