The joy of kitchen roll!

Or have we just lost the plot?

Welcome to another weekly missive.

First of all, apologies to everyone who clicked on the reel to reel playlist button - it turns out that this only works if you have an Amazon Music subscription. I’m sorry, I thought if I made it public anyone could listen to it. So, here’s an extract from my Dad’s logbook to give you an idea of some of the tracks included.

In other news, I’ve been stocking up on Kindle books. I’m looking forward to some down time when we (finally) move.

I often download the book sample as a way of bookmarking a potential read. I did this with Captain Tom Moore’s Tomorrow will be a Good Day autobiography. It turned out to be a riveting read so I bought the book. Captain Tom has had a fascinating life which could have been described, until a few months ago, as relatively ordinary. Without his recent fame, it could have been a life story that would never have been written. That goes for most of us. We all live what we consider to be ordinary lives yet we all have a story to tell.

I’m also reading The Real James Herriot written by his son. Another good read. And yes, prompted by watching All Creatures Great and Small at the moment. Also excellent.

I get the Kindle Daily Deal email every day which lists Kindle books starting at 99p. I also subscribe to BookBub, a daily email of Kindle bargains based on my preferences. I have quite a backlog of books that I’ve bought from these email lists.

This week’s guest on the podcast is Maxwell Ivey. Now known as the Blind Blogger, we talk about his career as an amusement ride salesman, following on from working in the family carnival business. Max has also written a number of books about his life and his travels. It was great for me to talk to someone else who is blind and compare notes with Chris’ experience too.

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Not a lot of news this week (see below). So, I thought I would share one of my favourite videos.

Until next time, thank you for reading.


P.S. In case you’re not interested in reading about the move (some of it does get repetitive - we’ve packed more boxes, I’ve been to the charity shop … again, I’ve sold something on Facebook etc), I’m going to give it a section of its own.

The Moving Chronicles

The boxing has begun in earnest. And, sadly, not the sparring kind which I would much prefer!

As I type this I sit surrounded by little piles of paper, notebooks, and memorabilia on my desk. I have just enough room for my keyboard and mouse. Underneath my desk is a box piled high with paperwork, much of it my Dad’s, which I’m getting ready for collection by a shredding company. I decided life was just far too short to sit for hours shredding it all in our tiny machine.

Behind me is a packing box, part filled with notebooks - I’ve had a massive pare down. Some of my random jottings are going to the shredder. I’m just keeping my recent notebooks and some holiday diaries - covering Paris, Derbyshire, Carlisle and a work project in Amsterdam.

I know some people keep their journals. I did flick through all of them. For me, many of my old diaries have an energetic charge that I’m ready to relinquish. They relate to periods of my life that are done and dusted, and I just don’t feel a need for them any more. In the past year, since I adopted Helen Redfern’s notebook methodology, I’ve created a different type of journal and it’s those notebooks that I want to keep.

When we move, we’re going to be itinerant for a while, and will be living out of suitcases. So, I’m creating, what Chris likes to call, an every day carry, and I’m putting to one side a couple of notebooks, a letter writing kit, my InkDori, a small(!) selection of pens, and a bottle of ink. You can see where my priorities lie! In addition, I’ll throw in a few clothes, some tech, toiletries and a camera, and that will be pretty much it for a couple of months.

This is the state of the dining room now! I’ve just been sorting more paperwork for shredding and recycling. Chris was emptying the cupboard under the utility room sink. He came in brandishing a roll of kitchen towel, saying look what I’ve just found! Apparently my exclamation of wow, really was the most animated I’ve sounded in the past week! We both laughed at how excited we were at this discovery! I think we need to get out more!