Telegrams from the trenches

Plus the great water pipe incident!

Hello dear reader!

I’d anticipated writing a missive to you sooner but we’ve been full on unpacking since our furniture arrived at the beginning of February. Chris has been building his workshop. I’ve been setting up my new study. And, we had the great water pipe incident!

We’re finally here! After a year of house sales and purchases, solicitors, viewings, and packing; then three months of holiday lets, it feels surreal that we’re now in situ. In many ways this move to Derbyshire seems unremarkable. Simply a two hour drive down the road. I don’t know if it will ever hit home that we’re really here or if we’ve simply slotted straight into our life in the Peak District. Neither of us has had that moment.

The house is beginning to feel like home, and it’s been lovely unwrapping and rediscovering some of my favourite things, especially stationery-related. Coming across my fountain pens and notebooks put a huge smile on my face.

Chris and I have said several times how much it has helped to have spent three months here. We already know the area. Our local farm shop has been amazing for us. They provided us with meals on our move in day and have been our first port of call when we’ve needed shopping. Depending on what errands I’ve had to run and proximity to a milkbot, I’ve been buying milk from either Inn Farm Dairy or Yeldersley, a small thing which brings me immense joy.

We still have some boxes to unpack but I’m optimistic that these will be emptied by early March. We’ve ordered a few new storage options and may, I suspect, need to pare back a bit more. We shall see.

One top tip if you’re moving. Wrap the hoover charger with the hoover! Our GTech was the last thing out of Chorley when we moved from there. It took me several weeks to unpack the charger. In the meantime, I’d ordered a spare!

There’s still building going on around us and the guys on site have been amazing. They’ve done everything they could for us. Nothing has been too much trouble. Which was fortunate when the blind guy (not my blind guy) drilled through a water pipe!

We were sitting out of the way while he put up blinds and curtains until we heard jets of water hitting the kitchen wall, and the blind guy shouting for the stop tap. It was as if someone had let loose with a hose pipe. Packing boxes were swimming. The worktops, also loaded up with unpacking, were soaked. The brilliant Site Manager arranged for a plumber to come within the hour and repair the pipe. Later he organised a plasterer and decorator for us too. I still can’t look at the kitchen curtains without having a bit of a flash back!

In between unpacking, getting organised, going to the tip (still no bins yet) and running other errands, I’ve started formulating plans for A Gentler Pace. While we were living in the holiday lets, I had a lot of time to contemplate, write notes, take long walks and allow ideas to percolate. The premise underpinning life at a gentler pace came into clearer focus, expanded and evolved.

It’s taken me a while to get to this point, the culmination of many years of exploring concepts around essence, forging your own path, and following your bliss. I don’t think our move to Derbyshire is by chance but part of a bigger plan. It certainly aligns with embracing life at a gentler pace, and gives me the opportunity to spend time outside, live more seasonally and in the way I’ve dreamed for years.

I’ve been chomping at the bit to get cracking again! This week I’ve been putting my ideas into a plan on my study wall. One of the big projects is writing a book or an eBook. It’s been nudging at me for a while (over a decade!) and I’ve felt it calling to me.

Everything coincides with that time in my life when I’ve become more aware of the finite amount of time we each have to live in a way of our choosing. I’ve put so much off for later, not really pursued some of my bigger dreams, got sidetracked doing work that didn’t fulfil me or bring me joy. A Gentler Pace is very much the antidote to this. I don’t have it all worked out. This is a journey I’m travelling and I’m simply reporting back from the trenches on my findings, in the hope that my words may illuminate your own path.

Which leads me to this …

I’m going to be making a few changes. It’s time to grasp the nettle, to bring to life all the ideas that I’ve had and see where this road leads me.

I’d like to invite you to join me.

I love voice messages. I rarely phone anyone but will happily chat into my Voxer app and leave voice notes for friends. So, I’ve created a channel on Telegram called A Gentler Pace where I’ll be taking you with me on my rambles around the local area, sharing my observations and talking about how I live at a gentler pace.

Join me on Telegram

Until next time, thank you, as always, for reading my newsletters and sharing this journey with me.