Mince pie season and Harry Potter trees

Plus, two new podcast episodes

Hello dear reader. As Chris has been singing several times this week, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We even had a flurry of snow this week. I was hoping for a white landscape but it was more like a white dot on the landscape! The owners of the cottage where we’re staying put a festive wreath on the door for us and left a singing Santa hat which Chris has been wearing, much to Bamber’s annoyance!

We’re at the mid point of our rentals in Derbyshire. And that drive to get things done has started to take hold of me again. I’ve been happily pottering about taking photos, jotting ideas, and exploring but I’m getting that urge to put a plan together, to crack on, to have something to show for my efforts. I want to be making daily to do lists and ticking things off.

I’m not sure if this a sad way to be or just indicative of my internal mechanism. As I write this I still need to record the second podcast of the week about Work. I’ve had a few false starts because my thinking out loud didn’t take me down the path I anticipated. I want to contemplate the link between work and fulfilment and, of course, work and living at a gentler pace. Perhaps Work is the wrong name for the second pillar. We shall see!

I’ve been reading Robin Sharma’s book, The 5 AM Club. Even in the first few pages he mentioned a number of themes that tied in with my musings about Work, and which link back to Essence. I’ve always wanted to find work that allows the full expression of my gifts and talents. I don’t think I’ve ever found that in a conventional dayjob. He then links this expression to the heroic transformation within our creativity, productivity, prosperity and service to the world. I see these two things as being intrinsically tied together. To me, when we fully express our gifts and talents, we are simply aligning with our unique essence, our genius, our daemon. We are in flow, and at a vibrational match. Then the magic happens and, as with living at a gentler pace, our creativity and productivity are transformed, and we see how we can be of service to the world.

The world needs more heroes and why wait for them - when you have it in you to become one ~ Robin Sharma

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said, you teach best what you most need to learn. I think I first read that years ago in Illusions by Richard Bach. Perhaps the book that first sowed the seeds of my discontent.

One of the challenges of my life, and why I feel so driven to understand more about Essence and the Hero’s Journey, has been to put my head above the parapet and be visible. I’ve written before about my relationship with my Mum of which, even after her death, I’m still gaining a greater understanding. We were often at loggerheads because we had completely opposing world views. My Mum’s hopes and wishes for me were very different to my own. Sometimes they took me down roads I didn’t wish to travel as my Mum encouraged me to be someone I wasn’t. In many ways this underpins the work that enthrals me now - to express who I really am, to fully understand what I bring to the world, and to help others do the same. Without my life experience, I quite possibly wouldn’t be driven to do any of this.

I began series 3 of the podcast this week. And it’s just me! Articulating my thoughts about living at a gentler pace, what does it mean and how can we do it. They’re really episodes with me thinking out loud and having some of my own aha moments along the way. They’re informal and light hearted, with some talk of Derbyshire and our life here, as well as taking one theme per episode of the 12 pillars that I described recently. This week I covered input and work.

Input: what influences us, what takes up our mental and physical space, and where could we declutter or pare back, to create some headspace.

Click to listen: Input

Work: how can we be fulfilled through our work, the expression of our gifts and talents, and how connecting to our Essence and following our own Hero’s Journey changes us and the world.

Click to listen: Work

Now that some restrictions have lifted we’ve been able to venture out a little more. We’ve popped into Ashbourne a couple of times, and this week visited Kedleston Hall. Or, at least, the grounds the hall stands in. There were some epic trees that just made me think of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. I’ll go back on a less damp day to take some photos. After a rather circuitous route to the shop, we got a couple of hot drinks to take back to the car. As the steam rose from our clothes and the sleet continued outside, we decided to call it a day. On the way back to the cottage, we popped in to the site office for an update on the house (no news yet), and stocked up on provisions at the farm shop, including some very yummy mince pies.

Until next time, thank you for reading.