How do you survive tragedy?

Listen to this week's podcast with Michelle Myrick to find out how she found meaning in loss.


Just a quick email to tell you about this week’s podcast guest. Series 2 of the podcast, Follow Your Bliss, started on Monday with Michelle Myrick who is an artist, author, coach and singer/song writer.

Michelle was brought up in a lighthouse in Newfoundland and has experienced numerous losses in her life including the tragic deaths of her Dad, brother and uncle in the same boating accident.

We talk about how these losses impacted her and the aha moment in her forties when she asked herself, is this it?

We also discuss how she found meaning in tragedy and how this led her to use creativity to help others find their place in the world.

I was very inspired by this conversation and I hope you will be too.

Listen to the Podcast

Michelle mentions a free workshop, Using Art to Embody Awareness, which you can join by clicking the button below.

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I hope you enjoy the podcast.