Anyone would think we were moving to Derbyshire!

A day trip, coffee, cake and ice cream

Welcome back to the latest (and late) edition of the newsletter. Thanks again for your kind feedback about my weekly jottings. I appreciate you reading my missives.

I started writing the newsletter earlier this week and then got sidetracked. I only remembered this morning, as I was putting on my boots (love these boots), to head out for a day in Derbyshire. Then it was too late!

Yes, we’ve been to Derbyshire … again. I fancied a change of scenery and it was Chris who said, Derbyshire?

We headed to Wirksworth which would have been our nearest town if our original house hadn’t fallen through. It’s smaller than Ashbourne but full of very photogenic buildings, plus a great coffee shop. (It’s now on the list). We had coffee and lunch, followed by cake. Chris opted for caramel shortbread and I had a lemon and white chocolate muffin. It was yummy but Chris said I should have had the shortbread. He didn’t offer me any though! Another time …

Our next port of call was Matlock via Matlock Bath, which was biker heaven. We didn’t make it to Matlock - there was a lot of traffic and we decided to save Matlock for another day. Instead, we had a detour via Monyash to Tagg Lane Dairy. It was heaving there too. The car park was packed and, as usual, there was a queue for coffee and ice cream. I left Chris in the car and joined the queue. I’d been standing there a little while when Bamber appeared, towing Chris along. Could Chris cancel his original order of mint choc chip and have pistachio instead? Apparently, the people who had parked next to our car were eating pistachio ice cream so Chris left them in charge of our car and hot footed it round to find me! The lengths some people will go to!

The pistachio ice cream family drive over to Tagg Lane Dairy twice a month for ice cream. They thought it was just the best. We agree! We already have plans to stock up the freezer with ice cream and to buy their raw milk too.

We had a lovely day. It was a bit cooler in Derbyshire, and quite misty early on. Every time we go over, it just makes me more impatient to be living there.

In other news, I’m busy recording the next series of my podcast, Follow Your Bliss. This week I interviewed Michelle Myrick who was very much on my wavelength. It was a wonderful conversation. She’s an artist, author, singer/song writer who’s lived a very interesting life and experienced her own traumas.

This series will be a bit different. A lot of the people I’m talking to are new connections for me. It’s proving to be a fascinating process finding out about them.

I love interviewing. I always preface the calls with the question, is there anything you don’t want to talk about? The answer I usually get is, no I’m an open book. I’d like to do more interviewing outside of the podcast. It’s something I really enjoy.

Michelle’s episode will be going live on 7th September.

This week’s question is, do you listen to podcasts and, if so, which are your favourites? I’d love to hear your recommendations. Look out for the email with the link to join in the conversation. Have a great week!

Until next time, thank you for reading.