A blast from the past

The music of my youth

Hello dear reader. As I type this Bamber is squeezed underneath my desk. His head is resting on my foot and we’re having some study buddy time.

He was at the vet’s yesterday for his annual injections and kennel cough treatment. Because of the current restrictions the nurse came to collect him from the car park. He happily trotted off with her. He’s very good. When she brought him back, though, in his rush to be with his Dad, he almost dragged her across the car park! He does that with me. When it’s safe to do so, I find it’s easier just to let go of the lead and allow him to make his own way back to Chris.

Back home, he had a mad half hour, destroying his bed and racing back and forth in and out of the bedrooms, and the assault course of packing boxes. Apart from that, he didn’t seem to have suffered any after effects of his injections.

This week on the podcast my guest is Wendi Freeman. She’s an event planner who, this year, has pivoted her business to include remote event management. Wendi is really driven and we talk about the catalysts for her changing direction and setting up on her own, what drives her and why she does what she does. I was really inspired by Wendi’s motivation and energy.

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When this missive lands in your Inbox, it will be our second wedding anniversary! It seems much longer! (In a good way!). So much has happened since Chris and I first met in May 2015. We added to Chris’ YouTube presence with a website, social media and a pen range. He began doing public speaking and giving woodturning demonstrations. He’s been on the television a few times and the cover of several magazines. Then, as things evolved, woodturning became his occupation. Last year he became an accredited woodturner and Patron of a UK charity. We’ve travelled thousands of miles in the process.

I left my day job and started exploring new directions. We decided to relocate to a different area. My life has changed out of all recognition! As I say often, you never know what the future has in store for you!

Until next time, thank you for reading.


P.S. In case you’re not interested in reading about the move (some of it does get repetitive - we’ve packed more boxes, I’ve been to the charity shop … again, I’ve sold something on Facebook etc), I’m going to give it a section of its own.

The Moving Chronicles

At the weekend we lugged a King Size bed downstairs. It took us much of Sunday morning. Dismantling the base, manhandling the mattress (which was huge and very heavy) down the stairs. On Monday morning we were up at the crack of dawn ready to lug* it all outside ready for collection by the council any time from 07:00. (*There really is no other word for it!).

They turned up around 10:15. Two strapping guys, both over 6’ tall. Fairly taciturn as I shouted hello from my study window. They made short work of getting everything into the van. The tallest guy (6’ 7”) picked up the mattress single handedly, making a mockery of our efforts!

The space created enabled me to completely empty the wardrobes. I’d already done some paring down but wanted to go through the Christmas decoration box, more of my Dad’s paperwork, his diaries, bedding etc.

This week I’ve looked through airline tickets for holidays to Mallorca and Paris. My Mum and Dad’s cruise on the Canberra, only slightly marred by a bomb threat when the ship couldn’t put in to any port for about 48 hours. I’ve kept the beautiful menus featuring a variety of birds (I may frame these), the receipt for my Mum’s engagement ring, my Dad’s national service paperwork, letters booking various holidays to the Lake District (including their honeymoon), passports and driving licences.

It’s getting easier to make the decisions. Does it mean something to me? Does it spark a memory when I look at it? I’ve managed to devise some sort of internal scale to determine what stays and what goes.

I sold some jewellery to a gold dealer I know. I’m not sure if my Mum would have approved but, again, my barometer was would I wear it? Have I even looked at it in the past 6 years? If you’re thinking of selling gold, now is a good time! I had thought of recycling some of the items (as I did with my Mum’s wedding ring and the gold from her engagement ring), but decided instead to have the stones from my Mum’s engagement ring made up into a couple of new pieces.

We had a skip arrive on Friday for the bits of wood that Chris doesn’t need, his lathe benches and a few odds and sods. We spent the day filling the skip, and I did a charity shop run too.

While I was going through my Dad’s things I came across our old reel to reel tapes. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to play them again but I’m going to hang on to them. (I know there are services where I could have them converted into a digital format). My Dad logged everything in a small hard backed notebook and I had a great idea - to create a playlist of all the tracks listed.

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In the spirit of organisation and because I can never resist anything loosely described as stationery, I ordered some box labels! (Spot the unwanted apostrophes!).